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Tutor Raz at 2021 World Investor Week

Catch Tutor Raz representing the young investors in 2021 World Investor Week alongside the chief investments of OCBC and Amundi. This event was organized by MoneySense Singapore (from 27:00 onwards)

About Tutor Raz

Read on to understand the motivations of Razzaq's mission towards unleashing the potential of every student under his guidance.

It was 2012 when Razzaq was preparing for his O-Level examinations when his friends sought his help for Mathematics, POA, and Science. His friends went for countless remedial lessons to just see them failing again and again.

What is the problem exactly? Were Razzaq's friends not paying attention in class? Partly, yes. It was also the method of explaining the concepts that the teachers failed to deliver. Razzaq began explaining to his friends using "layman's" terms and always revisiting the basics of each of the subjects. 

"The fundamentals are the most crucial in everything that we do!"

Six months went by and it was the O-Levels results day. Razzaq's friends managed to do well, redefining their fate. They entered Ngee Ann Polytechnic's prestigious Media Communications and Singapore Polytechnic's Banking and Finance. It was then that Razzaq realized that he had the strong ability to make people understand difficult concepts, the patience to guide individuals, and the passion for teaching.

Razzaq went on to study in the science stream, taking H2 Mathematics and H2 Economics without having any Additional Mathematics background in secondary school. He applied the same techniques to understand difficult concepts to do well in his JC days. Razzaq then pursued his undergraduate degree in Economics and Information Systems at Singapore Management University (SMU) and graduated in 2021. 

Razzaq represented the young investors' community to be part of the 2021 World Investor Week alongside two other like-minded individuals and the chief investment of OCBC and Amundi. Razzaq recently completed his post-graduate program in Data Science and Business Analytics at the University of Texas and is currently pursuing his master's degree in Management at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

With more than eight years of experience, Razzaq has formally tutored 200 one-to-one students and 30 class-based tuition that range from 5 students to 20 students. He is also one of the youngest permanent tutors with Mendaki's Tutoring Program and always manages one of the biggest classes in the program. 

Past Students

Words from Parents and Students

He explains things clearly when the kids don't understand
He is also teaching the kids with patience

Roja Roja

Taught me math and science for 2 years. Very engaging and inspiring tutor who definitely motivated me to do well in both subjects. Before his arrival, both of my subjects were either borderline pass or fail but after his arrival, my results tend to get better as time goes by. Furthermore, he usually gave me exam papers from different schools for me to try out and see where my standard is. Overall, it has been a fruitful 2 years of tutoring with him.

Nuh Syazwan

My son is in his 2nd year with tutor Raz.A straight forward & fun to be with .Had seen results in my son grades.Improving gradually and achieved the desire marks .His patience & commitment is highly remarkable.
Look no further,parents..He is indeed one of the BEST tutor around for our kids !!!!

Hanfauray Hanafia

Salam Mr Razzaq, just wanna update on Ryan’s Malay paper results for his latest paper last week. He scored full marks for his peribahasa. He got highest in his class based on this paper 😅


I see her doing her math school worksheet on Wednesday nite, she seems to understand her problem sum now. Thank u for teaching her!

Nikki morn😃Syukur Alhamdulillah...with his results.In a state of shocked...beyond our expectations...with his health words to describe how elated we were.Tears of joy both of us....Cik keep on😭😭😭

Frm e bottom of our heart we as a fmly wanna thank you a zillion times for yr guidance on him.Frm a failure to pass👏👏👏Hope he made u proud


No bro raz...ur the real brains behind the question...hence pls groom my son to be as good as u


Alhamdulillah Nurah wants to stay with you. Just a tip if I may. She's the sort who loves fun, happy happy kind.


Thanks for the update Raz, we are preparing him for next year, so along the way if he fumbles n not do so well, its fine. I am just glad he is working well with you.


He said he got 76. Alhamdulillah got some improvement

Siti Nurbaya

Another gd news he received merit bursary award😃🤲 Top 25%in his level

Cik sekeluarga berterima kasih dgn Razaq kerana telah mendidik Syazwan sehingga mendpt keputusan yg cemerlang.Pls keep in touch with him and motivate him alwys.


Assalamualaikum Razak..Thank you for your help in tutoring Rayyan .He make it through. Alhamdulillah 🤗


Salaam Razzaq..Alhamdulillah he shared his results too..Did he share his chemistry result too? It was quite impressive..

Not only improvements in his results but his motivation level as well. Alhamdulillah and thank you!

He looks forward to his Saturday tutoring session with you. Always reminding me not to make plans during that time. Even when his tests have ended, I told him to take a break for 1 session, he refused..He said nvm lah..can do revision I was like wow..not bad eh..

Thank you Razzaq for all that you have done..May Allah reward you immensely for every effort you put in..Aamiin 🤲🏽


Waalaikumusalam,your lessons have been known to me that makes my daughter look forward for your lessons every other week.I hv sat throughout with her during some lessons and I was impressed how patient & gentle you are with young kids Thank you so much for being so inspiring and very engaging! ☺️ I would really hope that you can guide my daughter again nxt year in shaa Allah! Thank you Mr Razzaq 💐🌹

Addinnur Shariffah

Mr. Raz has formerly taught me 1-to-1. He gave me many tips and guided me through my examinations. He is always available on the phone for me to Whatsapp him questions and he replies very frequently. I managed to attain an A2 for my O-level from my F9. I managed to get into NP Aerospace Electronics! Thank you teacher :)


1-to-1 Rates

Based on Levels and Subjects

$50/h to $80/h


Subjects covered are Mathematics, Science and Malay Language. All subjects cover up to PSLE standard.

$60/h to $100/h


Specialized in Elementary Mathematics and Combined Science (Physics and Chemistry). Subjects taught are Mathematics, Combined Science (Physics and Chemistry), Principles of Accounting (POA), Malay Language.
All subjects cover for all levels up to N-Level and O-Levels.

$60/h to $100/h

International Baccalaureate and JC

Specialized in Ab-Initio Malay and Economics.

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