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Tutor Raz at 2021 World Investor Week

Catch Tutor Raz representing the young investors in 2021 World Investor Week alongside the chief investments of OCBC and Amundi. This event was organized by MoneySense Singapore (from 27:00 onwards)

About Tutor Raz

Read on to understand the motivations of Razzaq's mission towards unleashing the potential of every student under his guidance.

It was 2012 when Razzaq was preparing for his O-Level examinations when his friends sought his help for Mathematics, POA, and Science. His friends went for countless remedial lessons to just see them failing again and again.

What is the problem exactly? Were Razzaq's friends not paying attention in class? Partly, yes. It was also the method of explaining the concepts that the teachers failed to deliver. Razzaq